Mugs Coffee Lounge – Community Through Coffee

Sandy and I had a great time in Fort Collins, Colorado, visiting our daughter. During our visit we ate breakfast at Mugs Coffee Lounge twice. Mugs Coffee Lounge is a cool little shop with two location in Fort Collins. We visited the Mugs Coffee Lounge @ the Oval, just off the Colorado State University campus, which was a short walk from where we stayed. They have a second location in Downtown/Olde Town Fort Collins.

Mugs Coffee Lounge – Community Through Coffee
Aspire Nobly – Adventure Daringly – Serve Humbly

For breakfast both times I had the Ham and Sausage Quiche which hit the spot. Sandy had the veggie Quiche, which looked good as well (except it was missing meat). I had the drip coffee, two different kinds, and both were really good – even though I don’t remember the names :/

I also had a slice of the Chocolate Banana Bread which was probably the most delicious thing I ate on the whole trip, it was so good I picked up an extra slice to have on the plane ride home.

About Mugs from their website:
“At Mugs, we believe that coffee is our vehicle to serve and grow our community. We have thrived to create a culture in our community that encourages social interaction and the exchange of social capital. We feel coffee shops may be one of the last remaining daytime, open forum, social hubs in most communities. We welcome and encourage any and all people to our business.”

The sign outside had the equation: Your Day + Our Breakfast Burritos = Match Made in Heaven
I didn’t try the breakfast burrito, but I should have cause it looked fantastic. Maybe next time (yes there will be a next time). I can tell you the Quiche, which is made in house from fresh ingredients, was very very yummy.

The shop definitely had a comfortable community vibe. Local art decorated the walls. Free open wifi. The staff was very friendly and there were several people chatting, reading, and working on, I assume, school work.

Mugs’ coffee sleeves state Community Through Coffee – Aspire Nobly – Adventure Daringly – Serve Humbly
The coffee inside this cup was delicious 🙂

Classic rock mixed with some 80’s pop was playing and they had a great painting of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page behind the bar.

They had coffee mugs which said: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Corporate Coffee”. I get it, they are all about fair trade and locally sourced ingredients, but really I think there is room for all coffee, even corporate coffee. Since I can’t get completely behind this, I did not pick up a mug. :/

The art work on their coffee cup sizes was very cute. Of course large is really the only size coffee you need 🙂

If you are in Fort Collins and looking for a tasty meal (or snack), a great cup of coffee, and a neat place to just hang for a bit, a stop in to Mugs Coffee Lounge should be on your agenda.

A little Led Zeppelin while I enjoy this cup of coffee.