Shoot Like A Girl

I don’t read a lot and most of what I do read is technology related. Books of datacenter design, server virtualization, cloud, automation, and programming. I was listening to NPR in the car a while back and there was a Fresh Air interview with Major Mary Jennings Hegar the author of ‘Shoot Like A Girl‘.

Her story seemed really interesting so I decided to order a copy of ‘Shoot Like A Girl‘ and on its release date, March 7, it was on my door step. I read it cover to cover over the next few evenings.

This is not really meant to be a book review. Just sharing something I found interesting. Even though ‘Shoot Like A Girl‘ is not my typical choice for reading I really enjoyed it. It is the first book I have read in a really long time purely for recreation on something which interests me other than technology and like I said I really enjoyed reading it.

Major Mary Jennings Hegar served three tours in Afghanistan. On July 29th 2009, during her third tour in Afghanistan, a medevac helicopter she was co-piloting was shot down by the Taliban. She sustained wounds but continue to return fire and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross with a Valor Device for her service.

Mary Jennings Hegar’s story is incredible and she tells it fantastically. If I had to describe what ‘Shoot Like A Girl‘ is about these few words/phrases come to mind:
– Determination and resolve
– Endure and overcome
– Warrior Spirit
– Equality
– Hero

“Its was important to have dreams, but if all you did was envy those who were living out your dreams, you would never manage to achieve them yourself.” – Mary Jennings Hegar ‘Shoot Like A Girl

Great book! Mary Jennings Hegar, thank you for your service and for sharing your story.

She does mention being able to get a decent cup of coffee (only once I think) so Major MJH must drink it now and then. 🙂