Starbucks Downtown Suffolk, VA

This is my local Starbucks. Well not really mine, but the one that is within a few minute drive from my house. I stop in there several times a week (sometimes multiple times in a single day).

Starbucks – Suffolk, VA
1202 N Main St #100, Suffolk, VA 23434

Some people love Starbucks, and some people hate Starbucks. I happen to really like Starbucks.

Starbucks coffee is good, I would not necessarily say that Starbucks has the BEST coffee, and one of the things I really like about Starbucks is their consistency. I know if I order a Cool Lime Refresher today it is going to be the same as the Cool Lime Refresher I ordered yesterday. If I go to a Starbucks in Norfolk and order a Caffe Mocha, it is going be the same as the Caffe Mocha I ordered in Suffolk. If it is not – I can ask them to remake it, and they will – no questions asked (I can only think of one time I have had to ask to have a drink re-made).

The Starbucks in Suffolk is great. The folks working there are friendly. Service is always good and most of the time fast. Sometimes, especially in the mornings during the week (duh, a coffee shop being busy in the morning), the drive thru line wraps around the building. They usually make quick work of this and I have never really had to wait too long to get through even if it is stacked up 10 or more cars deep.

Many of the baristas there know me and my wife. So much so that they sometimes even recognize me based on my order when I go to the drive thru.

This is a newer (guess they have been there for more than a year or so now – time flies so maybe longer) location for the Downtown Suffolk Starbucks. It use to be located in a shopping center across the street. They moved to this location since this building allowed them to have a drive thru (which is handy). The old location was a bit easier to get in and out of. It can be a bit of a pain to get out of the parking lot on busy days.

If find yourself in downtown Suffolk, and like Starbucks, stop in and say hi. You might see me in the drive thru line or inside enjoying a Cafe Mocha or Cool Lime Refresher.

The logo I am using on this post belongs to Starbucks. I take no credit for creating it and it in no way means Starbucks has anything to do with, or in anyway endorses, this site. I frequent their stores. I like their coffee (and other goodies). Just using the image since the post is about them 🙂