After Dinner Coffee and Cigar

After a great meal I almost always enjoy an after dinner cup of coffee and at times I like to pair it up with a good cigar. There are two great places in Suffolk with excellent food, great coffee, and a nice cigar menu: Vintage Tavern and River Stone Chop House.

If you are planning to eat dinner at either of these restaurants, a reservation is definitely suggested. Both also have very nice lounges with menu service and patio areas to drink, dine, and enjoy a nice cigar outside.

Vintage Tavern,, is located in Northwest Suffolk just off 17 on the way to the James River Bridge. They specialize in seasonal fresh farm/dock to table dishes. The Taste of Southern Goodness appetizer is a MUST order. Everything on the Taste of Southern Goodness appetizer is tasty. The deviled eggs are my favorite – absolutely delicious. Everything we have ever eaten here has been excellent and the service has always been incredible.

River Stone Chop House,, is located in Harbour View Area on Harbour View Blvd, near where it intersects with College Drive. Everything we have tried on the menu has been good and the service is always great. Occasionally we will make reservations in the dining room to enjoy a steak dinner, but more often we just stop in to have some appetizers and drinks in the lounge or on the patio. Sandy and I really like the Blackened Sirloin Bites and the Chophouse Wings. The Chophouse Wedge salad is AWESOME, and is great to split.

Vintage Tavern has a really nice patio area with a fire pit and comfy seating and River Stone has an outdoor area with tables and fire pit. Both places have a cigar menu which currently includes the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story stick. If you order a cigar from their menu they provide “set up” which includes a cutter, a torch (or matches), and a cigar ash tray. The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigar goes great with a nice cappuccino or a fresh cup of black coffee.

Vintage Tavern and River Stone Chop House, both great places for a nice dinner, drinks, coffee, and a good cigar. Worth checking out.